chop steak

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Noun1.chop steak - a patty of ground cooked beefchop steak - a patty of ground cooked beef  
beefsteak - a beef steak usually cooked by broiling
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Our Korean friend had the Hawaiian chop steak rice.
Matt: There was a lot of rather generalized Americana on the walls (vintage posters, license plates, signs reading "Las Vegas" or "My Way"), while the food names were peppered with American locations (Hawaiian chop steak rice, Arizona Quesadeya, New Orleans Seafood Jumbo).
Neither the world No.2 nor his team have ever run a restaurant but if the deal goes through he will be able to order to his heart's content from a menu boasting an All Star Breakfast, Cheese and Eggs, Grilled Bacon & Texan Cheesecake or Chop Steak Dinner.