chopped steak

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Noun1.chopped steak - a patty of ground cooked beefchopped steak - a patty of ground cooked beef  
beefsteak - a beef steak usually cooked by broiling
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Specials include chicken monterey, sirloin tips, cheeseburgers, chopped steak and more.
At this event Karns was selling its famous premium chopped steak burgers, along with a bag of Herr's potato chips and a soda, for $1, with all proceeds benefiting Channels Food Rescue.
My friend ordered the chopped steak burger with smoked bacon, vintage cheddar, tomato relish and a wally, which neither of us had heard of before.
Our super-stacked version has tangy chorizo, juicy chopped steak, black beans, guacamole, and crisp lettuce.
The menu features 10 dishes, including chopped steak, teriyaki chicken, chicken grilled with a smoke-flavored sauce, pork, Chinese chicken salad and a vegetarian plate.
Purists say that real Philly cheesesteaks are made of chopped steak and Cheese Whiz[R].
Spread chopped steak or whatever cheap beef or lamb cuts available over base of roasting tin along with onions, spread on top a good layer of sliced potato and cover with sliced black pudding and sausage.
This proved a very wise choice: a large and crispy pie crust topped a most generous and succulent portion of juicy chopped steak and kidney.
At a Carrefour outlet recently visited by Quick Frozen Foods International magazine, for instance, were four chopped steak packages from Charal: 10 pure beef; 10 hamburgers (51% beef, 30% vegetable protein); 10 extra tender (80% beef, 14% vegetable protein) and 10 onion special (51% chopped beef, 30% vegetable protein, 12% onion); a chopped steak package labeled Bigard; and chopped steak labeled Carrefour (100% pure beef).
Once a week for 4 weeks, they served the volunteers identical breakfasts, followed a few hours later by a lunch of chopped steak, bread, cheese, an apple, and a starchy side dish.
* Chopped steak, mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy, California blend, Jell-O with mixed fruit, whole wheat hot rolls