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Ozma gave the Wizard back the piglet he had so kindly allowed Nick Chopper to substitute for the lost one, and then she carried her own into the apartments of the palace where she lived.
His name is Nick Chopper, and he has a lovely heart given him by the wonderful Wizard."
"Nick Chopper knows how to feed meat people, and he will give us plenty of good things to eat, never fear.
"Is Nick Chopper the Tin Woodman's name?" asked Uncle Henry.
He's the brightest man in all the world, is dear Nick Chopper; and the kindest-hearted."
"They are all dead, so it doesn't matter," replied the Scarecrow." And here is where Nick Chopper destroyed the Wicked Witch's Grey Wolves."
Chopper as you go through the City to-morrow; he'll have something for you.
Chopper, does not like the looks of 'em, and he's an old file, and knows 'Change as well as any man in London.
Chopper, his father's head man, and received from that gentleman a document which he exchanged at Hulker & Bullock's for a whole pocketful of money.
"Oh, tin is an excellent material," the Scarecrow hastened to say; "and if anything ever happened to poor Nick Chopper he was always easily soldered.
Dixie Chopper manufactures a range of commercial and high end residential mowing equipment.
Dixie Chopper will become part of Alamo Group's Agricultural Division.