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chop·py 1

adj. chop·pi·er, chop·pi·est
1. Having many small waves; rough: choppy seas.
2. Not smoothly connected; disjointed: needed to edit the choppy prose in the essay.

[From chop.]

chop′pi·ly adv.
chop′pi·ness n.

chop·py 2

adj. chop·pi·er, chop·pi·est
Abruptly shifting; variable. Used of the wind.

[From chop.]
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Noun1.choppiness - used of the sea during inclement or stormy weatherchoppiness - used of the sea during inclement or stormy weather
storminess - the state of being stormy; "he dreaded the storminess of the North Atlantic in winter"
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تَلاطُم الأمْواج، تَقَلُّب


(tʃop) past tense past participle chopped verb
(sometimes with up) to cut (into small pieces). He chopped up the vegetables.
a slice of mutton, pork etc containing a rib.
ˈchopper noun
1. an instrument for chopping.
2. a helicopter.
ˈchoppy adjective
(of the sea) rough.
ˈchoppiness noun
chop and change
to keep changing (especially one's mind).
chop down
to cause (especially a tree) to fall by cutting it with an axe. He chopped down the fir tree.
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Maximizing the customer experience, coupled with our operational prowess has allowed us to consistently deliver strong results despite recent choppiness in the marine market.
As such, the bullish case for Apple's stock remains unchanged and investors should continue "navigating through this near-term choppiness" and stick with "winners" like Apple.
The choppiness in the global markets will likely be complicated further by flashpoints already in the bag.
These increases were partially offset by a 39 percent decrease in distribution volumes as the Lewisport facility continues to shift capacity to ABS products, and a 7 percent decrease in building and construction volumes as we continue to see choppiness in the housing market; the volume increase described above was more than offset by an unfavorable year-over-year change in manufacturing cost absorption of approximately $5 million.
What's more, the next-gen system was capable of loading more scenes quicker than the PS4, as if it needed no time to load: the video, played through the next-gen system, showed the camera moving through the in-game world with no seams, choppiness or hiccups whatsoever.
Juanis Barredo, COL Financial Group vice president and chief technical analyst, said investors can expect 'more choppiness ahead' for this week.
Our best guess is the equity markets will experience more stress or choppiness rather quickly (days/weeks) and risk will be for sale," Harvey wrote to clients.
When one uses that in the media text, the variety helps you avoid choppiness and dull repetition.
Once the exuberance on the high Himalayas dissolved into the littoral choppiness of the Maldives and Sri Lanka, China's tone on Nepal, too, was bound to shift.
"Market volatility is high, and the choppiness is something that traders are getting used to.