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Noun1.chopping board - a wooden board where meats or vegetables can be cutchopping board - a wooden board where meats or vegetables can be cut
board - a flat piece of material designed for a special purpose; "he nailed boards across the windows"
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Lay half a cucumber flat onto a chopping board and peel lengthways to create long, thin ribbons.
Take the chicken breast out of the hot pan and slice longitudinally on a chopping board for convenience, set aside and leave it to rest.
Deep clean your wooden chopping board Sprinkle your chopping board with salt, then use half a lemon, cut-side down, to scour the surface, squeezing gently to release the juices.
Let's keep kitchen matters in the kitchen by making a recipe stand out of a chopping board.
A WOMAN was left with cuts to her hands and face after her glass chopping board "blew up" in her face.
A raw meat knife was in use on the ready to eat food preparation chopping board.
2 Place the Sea Bass on a chopping board and slash across the fish in a diagonal fashion.
2 Tear off 4 large pieces of tinfoil, then place onto a chopping board.
Puff duster, Chopping Board, Chawki Rearing Stand (HDPE) Economy Degital Precision Electronic Balance, Platform type Digital Electronic Balances, Electric Room Incubators,Motorized Leaf chopping machine, Flame Gun, Prestressed Cement Concrete (PCC) farm fencing posts, etc
For most of us mere mortals, it's get your chopping board out, roll your sleeves up and get your hands dirty
uk CUTTING EDGE[bar] Master chefs who like to practise the art of precise presentation will love dicing their vegetables on this grid-lined chopping board.
Wrap tightly in foil, put a heavy chopping board on top to weigh it down and leave in the fridge for two days, turning it every twelve hours or so, and tipping off any liquid.