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Noun1.choral ode - ode sung by the chorus in classical Greek drama
ode - a lyric poem with complex stanza forms
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Much harder to trace is the development of Finzi's choral ode Intimations of Immortality, a labor of many years for which few records survive.
For instance, his rendering of the choral ode after the second act of Thyestes is strikingly well expressed.
33) The augmentations consist of a choral ode of his own composition (515-76); the insertion of the dialogue scene (581-671), where the spirit of Achilles himself utters the demand for retribution that is reported by Talthybius in the Latin play; and three stanzas at the end of the chorus after Act II (1145-65).
Meanwhile, the choral ode, an old and well-established poetic genre,
Beethoven's Ninth Symphony was the last of his orchestral works and its supreme power and choral Ode to Joy have held audiences enthralled since its first performance.
This is reflected in the prominence given to the oratorical choral odes, replete with the subtle confluences of sounds characteristic of Mahon's poetry.