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1. Of or relating to a chorus or choir.
2. Performed or written for performance by a chorus.

[Medieval Latin chorālis, from chorus, choral dance, from Latin; see chorus.]

cho′ral·ly adv.
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Adv.1.chorally - by a chorus; "chorally accompanied"
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Unison responding was defined as chorally responding to a direction within 1 s of the instructor's signal (e.g., finger snap) during a small-group DI lesson.
This is found both soloistically and chorally. In many instances, such rhythmic delivery of speech is notated on a single-line staff, giving more license to the performer regarding the intonation patterns of the delivery.
"It's nice that I can give back to something that had me start chorally and learning how to sing," said Wilson, citing the early support of her Gregory Middle School teacher Sandra Stoneham, who helped steer her toward choral music.
This way the rhythms and rhymes come alive and the repeated refrains can be recited chorally.
"In people," the students chorally replied, all but me.
READING THE NOVEL: After reviewing the questions that the teacher asked at the beginning of the story, the teacher and students would begin reading the assigned chapters chorally. During the first few chapters, the teacher would model the Questioning the Author strategy by selecting stopping points throughout the text where the students would need to stop, think, and gain a deeper understanding of the story.
Orchestrally this was a triumph, and almost so chorally, too.
Arnold had their students pronouncing chorally and when it was opportune to emphasize any aspect of pronunciation he used to mention the Mark [union] Anthony effect, meaning, according to him, that it was the action of putting the words together by pronouncing them as one to make a reliable speech:
With most of the below-the-line talent new to the franchise, "Dawn" has an aesthetic entirely distinct from that of "Rise," with Michael Seresin's antsy camerawork painting from a strikingly dank palette, and Michael Giacchino's chorally embellished score occasionally evoking the grandeur of Howard Shore's work on "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy.
So she chose lovely fresh chorally red and we had fun with the nails as well but kept rest of the face fresh.