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1. Of or relating to the strings of an instrument.
2. Relating to or consisting of a harmonic chord.
3. Giving prominence to harmonic rather than contrapuntal structure: chordal music.


(ˈkɔr dl)

1. of, pertaining to, or resembling a chord.
2. of or pertaining to music that is marked principally by vertical harmonic movement rather than by linear polyphony.
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Adj.1.chordal - relating to or consisting of or emphasizing chords; "chordal assonance in modern music"; "chordal rather than contrapuntal music"


adj (Mus) → Akkord-
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Grace-note figures and insistent repeated seconds give "Busyness" its true meaning while the steady quarter note chordal structures in "Satisfaction" opposing a gentle, lilting bass line evoke the sense of ease and "satisfaction.
This reserve of choral power exploded at climactic chordal moments.
Jazz, through its willingness to buck convention and the box of traditional chordal structure - or even refusing to participate at times via the norms of language but use scatting - allows emotion to be unleashed both for the performer and the listener.
He discusses harmonic function, including tonic and pre-tonic effects and the effect of tonal center, pre-pretonic effects, and chord progressions with interlocking functions; schematic effects and common phrasings for chord and slot schemas; transformational effects that accompany chords and chord progressions, such as transposition, modulation, and chordal substitution; and ambiguous harmonic effects.
As a prosthetic ring featuring an innovative chordal guiding system, the Memo 3D ReChord is used to treat patients with degenerative mitral valve disease.
In a systematic manner, we assessed the mitral annulus, leaflet thickness and mobility, commissural and chordal fusion, the presence and location of calcific nodules, areas of prolapse and billowing, the direction of the regurgitant jet, thickness and length of chordae tendineae and MR grade.
Mitral valve repair with artificial chordae is considered as a good choice for correcting mitral regurgitation (MR) caused by mitral valve prolapse due to chordal elongation or rupture.
The piece was slow and relaxed, beginning with only the left hand playing both a winding melody and chordal accompaniment.
Both Daniel 3415 and 3416 gas ultrasonic meters measure flow using four horizontal chordal paths in addition to a reflective path dedicated to verification of the primary measurement, enabling improved metering insight, more informed decision making and simplified flow meter verification.
k=0] is equicontinuous on U with respect to the chordal metric on P[.
A guitarist with a flawless technique and imaginative chordal approach, Jack has been astounding jazz fans since the early 1970s, playing at the highest level on the international scene and collaborating with many of the greats including Chet Baker, Sarah Vaughan, Bob Brookmeyer, Buddy Rich and many others.
M2 PHARMA-May 20, 2015-On-X Life Technologies to Launch Mitral Valve Chordal Repair System