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n. pl. cho·re·og·ra·phies
a. The art of creating and arranging dances or ballets.
b. A work created by this art.
2. Something, such as a series of planned situations, likened to dance arrangements.

[French chorégraphie : Greek khoreia, choral dance; see chorea + -graphie, writing (from Latin -graphia, -graphy).]

cho′re·o·graph′ic (-ə-grăf′ĭk) adj.
cho′re·o·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
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[ˌkɒrɪəˈgræfɪklɪ] advcoreograficamente
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Circumincession which, in late Thomism and beginning with the Council of Florence (1439) will spell "circuminsessio" with an "s" in order to describe the three persons ironically "sitting" (sedere), remains forever in the Franciscan tradition "circumincessio" with a "c" (cedere), thus meaning the "step" or the "dance" by which the "three of the Trinity," choreographically and without ceasing, encounter one another, or even cross one another.
Of the reigning K-pop, Cho said he is fortunate to have been born earlier before visually and choreographically strong K-pop groups surged to popularity.
By taking ownership of the cultural traditions she witnessed and both choreographically and visually diluting them, Dean translated the Aboriginal corroboree into entertainment--educational in its intentions, but entertainment nonetheless--echoing a society who "essentially felt compelled to evict black people from their own skin and then allow pretenders to take up residency there" (Dunson 2011, 45).
"At the beginning of the piece, we are at the beginning of our lives and there's a sense of exuberance and curiosity, joy and daringness and Crystal demonstrates that choreographically with very virtuosic solos and duets, with a lot of energy and passion.
Two groups of people were invited to participate: One was asked to respond choreographically to cues embedded in a series of television commercials, resulting in a performance that mirrored television's electronic scanning methods.
"While many styles are interesting creatively and choreographically, they do not help organize or develop a base layer of strength," says Cox.
As one who bridged the gap between tradition and the evolving Africa choreographically, he single handedly pioneered a new trajectory, propelling dance into modernity with respect to Ghanaian tradition and values.
The results of this unusual collaboration were visually arresting, musically adventurous, dramatically taut, and choreographically appealing.
Thinking choreographically alerts us to the spaciousness of an encounter, the range of movement that appears possible within it.
Alex, the cast and I would work through certain scenes, then walk down to the set and start plotting out ideas, trying out things choreographically to get used to feeling the space."