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 (kôr′ĭk, kŏr′-)
Relating to a chorus.

[Late Latin choricus, from Greek khorikos, from khoros, choral dance; see gher- in Indo-European roots.]
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of, like, for, or in the manner of a chorus, esp of singing, dancing, or the speaking of verse
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(ˈkɔr ɪk, ˈkoʊr-)

of or for a chorus.
[1810–20; < Late Latin < Greek]
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Adj.1.choric - relating to or written for or in the style of a Greek chorus; "a choric Greek tragedy"
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We now come to the quantitative parts the separate parts into which Tragedy is divided namely, Prologue, Episode, Exode, Choric song; this last being divided into Parode and Stasimon.
The Episode is that entire part of a tragedy which is between complete choric songs.
"It is the most horrible of virgin-sacrifices," said Will; and he painted to himself what were Dorothea's inward sorrows as if he had been writing a choric wail.
In Jude, we have nothing comparable to Egdon Heath, and the choric voice of previous novels finds a thin and unconvincing substitute in Aunt Drusilla's warnings to Jude and Sue about the doom of hereditary temperament.
The Oslo jury praised the director's art of creating "ritualized worlds, which appear to be outside of time, as an assemblage of choric musical works, slapstick and monologues."
Such events are often channeled or narrated by prophetic, choric figures who represent a bridge between the human and the otherworldly.
In "The Lotos-Eaters," she argues, the mariners' choric song becomes a form of "pure otherness ...
She believes that the "tragedy" of the novel lies in what remains unsaid between Giles and Grace, and that Marty is a choric character whose statements usually go unheard or unheeded.
Working with eight young male dancers, I created a choric "sway" of the torso and abstracted Kalaripayattu, Kathakali and Bharatanatyam.
Auditory effect is likewise strikingly operatic, discernible in features such as contrasting voices, volume, timbre, the dramatic use of choric ensembles, and pacing.
nonrealistic choric intrusions: four light Chorus chapters on topics