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A chorus girl.


(Dancing) a female dancer who is part of a chorus line

cho′rus girl`

a female singer or dancer of the chorus of a musical comedy, vaudeville show, etc.
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Noun1.chorine - a woman who dances in a chorus linechorine - a woman who dances in a chorus line
chorus line, chorus - a body of dancers or singers who perform together
dancer, professional dancer, terpsichorean - a performer who dances professionally
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Tenders are invited for Supply Of Vaporized Liquid Chorine Gass Confirming To Specifications: 1 Vaporized Liqid Chlorine Present Bby Volume: 99.
But unlike chorine, which has a half-life of a few minutes, mustard gas is a persistent agent, Hamish de Bretton Gordon, a chemical and biological weapons expert told The Daily Star, meaning that it can remain in the buildings and in the ground for months or even years.
Under the terms and conditions of the contract, the repairing of filtration plants, adding chorine in water and to change filters had to be done by the contractor.
The IPC kits they contain like buckets for hand washing stations, chorine, soap, protection gear like gloves and boots, and also cloths and brooms that they would need for cleaning.
There is information that the terrorist Al-Nusra Front released toxic chorine.
CPE grades Weipren [R] 6025 (25% chlorine content, named as CPE25) and CPE 135A (35% chorine content, named as CPE35) were obtained from Lianda Corporation and Weifang Xuran Chemicals, China, respectively.
Truth - An earlier survey by the Water Quality and Health Council discovered that nearly half of respondents believe that chorine is responsible for turning hair green.
Yet a perverse streak runs through his oneiric sensibility: The most ebullient of Demy's twelve feature films, Les Demoiselles de Rochefort (The Young Girls of Rochefort, 1967), contains a subplot involving an old chorine hacked to pieces by a spurned lover.
Memorandum of understanding with NeighborWorks, Copeland sewer bill, chorine supplier, public works issues.
Meredith's sister, Dixie, a literate Ziegfeld Follies chorine and silent-movie screenwriter, wrote the oft-anthologized poem that begins "I like the fall/The mist and all.
Commercial options include copper sulfate based solutions, peroxides, or chorine water.
Based on approximate flow rates of chorine stock solution recorded throughout the disinfection test, the average chlorine feed for each tower was estimated at approximately 8 ppm.