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A chorus girl.


(Dancing) a female dancer who is part of a chorus line

cho′rus girl`

a female singer or dancer of the chorus of a musical comedy, vaudeville show, etc.
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Noun1.chorine - a woman who dances in a chorus linechorine - a woman who dances in a chorus line
chorus line, chorus - a body of dancers or singers who perform together
dancer, professional dancer, terpsichorean - a performer who dances professionally
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These chorines of technological determinism, personal anarchy, and the technological sublime pile out of business class and onto the jetway to tell us what we want and believe.
That old Dixieland floor-stomper, "Tiger Rag," opens the show with a joyful blast, as the Atta-Girls, a line of chorines in barely there tiger costumes (by the inimitable William Ivey Long), strut their stuff at Nick's Club.
36) But although Ziegfeld was willing to include some African Americans as starring acts (Bert Williams being the best-known example), black performers were barred from the stage as either showgirls or chorines.
From the opening scene of these "young at heart" chorines rehearsing at the new Cotton Club, it is clear that the film is crafted with an infectious affection.
The dancing chorus of scantily clad chorines, the twenty-horse ballet, the elephants, and Jocko the juggling crow were all in attendance.
Michelle Williams portrayed the actress luminously (and Academy Award-nominatedly) in the 2011 biographical film My Week With Marilyn; rival Broadway chorines fought to play her last spring on NBC's television series Smash; and, as always, more and yet more new books continue to be published, both fictional and factual (with much blurring of that divide).
Although White indulged in homosexuality, teenaged actresses and chorines were the fire of his loins.
With a story set in the "Mad Men" '60s, Long dresses his bouquet of long-stemmed chorines in shirts-only Yankees pinstripes, robin egg blue stewardess uniforms, skinny white capri pants and halter tops, and shirt-waist black dinner jackets for a show that unabashedly reaches out to the elusive Tired Businessman, that long-forgotten prey of Broadway producers with names like Ziegfeld.
A little boy conducts the band and then tap dances with nearly white chorines.
In the catalytic reaction the solvent serves as the hydrogen source in removal of chorines and hydrogenation of a double bond between aliphatic carbons.
With a few glancing nods to European-style modernism, the classic avant-garde, alternative-theatre forms and iconic personalities outside the black-theatre/white-theatre political continuum, The American Stage ultimately reflects a rasping love for glitz, glamour, faded stars, leggy chorines, melodrama, gold dust and sequins--the stuff nostalgia is made of.
It opened with dancing chorines hoisting Writers Guild picket signs; Letterman, like O'Brien, came out with his strike beard, saying: "I know what you're thinking: Dave looks like a missing hiker.