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 (chə-rē′zō, -sō)
n. pl. cho·ri·zos
A spicy pork sausage seasoned especially with garlic.



n, pl -zos
(Cookery) a kind of highly seasoned pork sausage of Spain or Mexico
[C19: Spanish]


(tʃəˈri zoʊ, -soʊ)

n., pl. -zos.
a pork sausage highly seasoned with garlic, pepper, and spices.
[1840–45; < Sp.]


A highly seasoned, smoked pork sausage used in Spanish and Mexican cooking.
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Noun1.chorizo - a spicy Spanish pork sausage
sausage - highly seasoned minced meat stuffed in casings
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We greedily went for eight dishes, which was more than enough and purposely kept it as kiddie-friendly as we could opting for the potatoes with chorizo and red peppers (the cortijer) rather than the hot tomato sauce (al infierno) which I prefer.
But if it's time for a brunch reboot to wow your guests and their taste buds, Aunt Nellie's has the perfect suggestion: Baby Beet and Potato Hash with Chorizo.
Secondly, make sure you use cooking chorizo, which is raw.
INGREDIENTS 500g new potatoes 50g frozen peas 75g chorizo Olive oil, for frying 2 x 150g cod fillets 2 tsp pesto Salt and black pepper
Combining it with the chorizo and toast is what life is about for me, simple fresh ingredients, cooked well.
LENTEJAS - LENTIL AND CHORIZO STEW SPICY chorizo sausage is one of the unmistakable flavours of Spain and it adds so much flavour to this fabulously filling stew.
Chorizo and Tees Cider THIS a classic Spanish Tapas and a great way to celebrate Saltburn Farmers' Market newest trader-Tees Cider
Chorizo sausage can be many things, but I did not realise that one of them was green.
Chorizo, Bratwurst and Saveloy starred in the Little Red Riding Hood pantomime, at the Customs House, in South Shields, and were a hit with youngsters and adults alike.
Tucked away between the tofu "cheeses'' and textured vegetable protein taco crumbles lies a tiny package you really should consider including in your lineup of go-to good-for-you ingredients -- soy chorizo.
After restarting in May, however, it has struggled to keep up with demand and this month the company won its first award, a single Great Taste star for its chorizo.
FOR THE SALAD: 300g cooking chorizo 1 kg purple potatoes 1 bunch spring onions 1 frisee lettuce, outer leaves removed 1 x100g bag washed baby spinach A little olive oil FOR THE BLACKCURRANT VINAIGRETTE: Fresh blackcurrants A couple of tablespoons Extra-Virgin olive oil A splash of cider vinegar Shred the frisee lettuce and wash well.