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1. The technique of mapping a region or district.
2. A description or map of a region.

[Latin chōrographia, from Greek khōrographiā : khōros, place; see ghē- in Indo-European roots + -graphiā, -graphy.]

cho·rog′ra·pher n.
cho′ro·graph′ic (kôr′ə-grăf′ĭk), cho′ro·graph′i·cal adj.
cho′ro·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
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Gresh-am's time spent praising the building's structural and implied metaphorical qualities again locates Heywood's characters in a chorographical discourse similar to Stow's, one that promotes London's prosperous inhabitants and they ways they have placed their marks throughout the city and thus history.
To aid the viewer's understanding of the process, each will be given a programme containing information on the pieces and locations, an explanation of the chorographical inspiration and -- most importantly -- a map.
To challenge hegemonic concerns, dance and chorographical vision must be ever evolving.
But why does Dante, the reader might ask, introduce chorographical similes in the structural and cartographical sense only beginning with the circles of violence?
Directing films satisfies what Boyd describes as 'the painterly side of my nature, reflected in the compositional and chorographical elements of film-making.
He shows that chorographical additions and alterations were among the most common changes made by the humanists in these vitae.
The Poly-Olbion: A Chorographical Description of Great Britain.