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Noun1.chorus line - a body of dancers or singers who perform togetherchorus line - a body of dancers or singers who perform together
corps de ballet, ensemble - the chorus of a ballet company
line - a formation of people or things one beside another; "the line of soldiers advanced with their bayonets fixed"; "they were arrayed in line of battle"; "the cast stood in line for the curtain call"
chorine, chorus girl, showgirl - a woman who dances in a chorus line
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For the first time, the popular musical, A Chorus Line, comes to the Macrobert Arts Centre as part of Stageworx HND Musical Theatre programme.
Triple threat Donna McKechnie is cherished for her Tony Award-winning portrayal of Cassie in the 1975 musical A Chorus Line.
If the darkening days and the beginning of the rainy season are starting to transform your cheery summer mood to a less happy and optimistic one, drive down to Cottage Grove to see Cottage Theatre's energetic and tuneful production of "A Chorus Line.
For the local group are bringing the legendary Broadway musical A Chorus Line to the Newcastle venue for four nights next week.
A Chorus Line is about hope, sex, insecurity, ethnicity, and dreaming.
Another year is almost done, I remember people long since gone School friends, workmates, relatives dear In my memory, they're always near I recall fond memories of childhood dreams Our ambitious plans; devious schemes I longed to be a dancer; Grable or Miller Join a famous chorus line, be a Bluebell or Tiller Alas I didn't reach the height Required to join the line So fame upon the stage or screen Would never be mine My life is full of memories Too many to record So I wish you all The best of health, a peaceful lifeAn end to worldwide war and strife by Lil Bordessa, l5
Rehearsals for A Chorus Line will be ranking up throughout July, ahead of the production's run on the stage school's home turf from August 5 to 9.
If the word is line, which also means rope (and a rope being a cheap cigar), then the word refers to a chorus line and also to the plumes of fumes of a burning rope.
2 day weekend by coach from Coventry Choose a top West End show from our selection that includes; A Chorus Line, Billy Elliot, Jersey Boys, Let It Be, Once, Phantom of the Opera, Singin' in the Rain, Spamalot, We Will Rock You &Wicked Book an Omega Holidays' London Theatre Dine &Dance break before 31 March 2013 for 1 of the 10 selected shows above and receive a FREE UPGRADE to a TOP PRICE TICKET*, saving up to PS40pp.
A CHORUS LINE London Palladium GROUNDBREAKING dance musical A Chorus Line was a smash hit when it premiered on Broadway in 1975, running for a whopping 15 years.
Marvin Hamlisch, the composer who sprang into the public eye with A Chorus Line in 1975, died in August at the age of 68.
The Thin Blue Chorus Line is a mixed voice choir made up of serving and retired police officers and staff, friends, family and people who work at partner agencies.