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An Alsatian dish of sauerkraut with wine, sausages, pork, and juniper berries.

[French choucroute (garnie), (garnished) sauerkraut, alteration (influenced by chou, cabbage) of German dialectal sûrkrût : Old High German sūr, sour + Old High German krūt, cabbage, kraut.]


(Cookery) a dish, resembling sauerkraut, that consists of cabbage that has been preserved by soaking in pickle
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A dish of Alaskan Pollock perched on choucroute and topped with salty smoked bacon acted almost as a palate-cleansing prelude to the meat course.
Crispy leg of duck confit, roasted breast slices, mushroom choucroute, Riesling reduction and roasted shallots $26 Pan roasted, porcini dusted chicken breast, gnocchi, roasted mushroom, cauliflower & spinach thyme reduction $21.
The fall after-theater crowd shrugs off furs and foulards, as waiters take balletic strides in ankle-length black-and-whites, balancing plates of choucroute, andouille, and Baltic herring Bismarck.
I'm thinking of They're doing tapas-size plates, simple, satisfying dishes such as potau-feu, choucroute and properly made coq au vin or boeuf bourguignon.
The mother lode of haute cuisine still has twice as many Michelin stars as any other nation, with great regional variety - from the wine-rich stews of Burgundy to the choucroute of Alsace.
I recall a tres moderne convention center, microphones and translators, unusual languages, diversity in color and ethnicity, a joyous community of singers and teachers from many world cultures, an impressive recital by an up and coming young American baritone named Thomas Hampson, and delicious choucroute garnie sauerkraut and pork dishes.
The third is its wide-ranging inclusion of everything from pork popcorn to international fare from carnitas to choucroute.
Authentically prepared French favourites, from bouillabaisse to choucroute, mix with robust local dishes, including oysters and pheasant, in season.
Mon cher Marcel, Te representes-tu la tete que ferait un medecin qui, ayant pendant des semaines et des mois, lutte comme un forcene pour arracher a la mort un malade atteint de fievre typhoide, surprendrait celui-ci le jour ou il entre en convalescence en train de deguster un plat de choucroute ?
Think of it as choucroute, which just stays in the pot forever and keeps evolving over time.
Leaving the hospital for supper at a nearby cafe, Frederic reminds himself that he had choucroute for lunch and orders ham and eggs for dinner.
Yet as dispiriting as conditions are for conservatives in America, he says over a lunch of choucroute garni, it's a paradise compared to France.