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n. Slang
A person regarded as stupid; a dolt.

chow′der·head′ed adj.


US a fool or an idiot


(ˈtʃaʊ dərˌhɛd)

Slang. a stupid person.
[1825–35; compare British dial. (Lancashire) chowterhead, variant of jolterhead]
chow′der•head`ed, adj.
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But the Chowderhead names has a long and history--," Dad started.
Challenge: There are easier things to do than tell some chowderhead to shut up - without disturbing 200 people.
When Kanin chided him about his lack of chivalry, Tracy snapped, 'This is a movie, chowderhead, not a lifeboat.
The doctor had a green fight in his favor, and some chowderhead blows the red fight, hits him in a side impact, and kills him.
For the chowderheads out there, "Herb's Chowder for Chowder-Heads" was prepared with you in mind.
Or maybe you get picketed by the chowderheads opposed to the mixing and mingling of races and cultures.