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n. Slang
One who eats enthusiastically or excessively.
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informal a greedy person or a person who loves eating
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n. Slang.
a person who eats food in large quantities or with great gusto; glutton.
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Alongside the American Operation Chowhound, more than 11,000 tons of food was dropped in just over a week, with the Germans agreeing not to fire on the aircraft.
The recipe by ( Chowhound calls for turkey, sweet potatoes, turkey gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole and mayo to be layered together in between leftover dinner rolls.
It is exciting and it is not conventional in any way, and if you consider yourself a serious foodie or just a chowhound, this is a culture you have to experience.
Jim Leff and Bob Okumura are thought to be the creators of the first food blog, an online discussion forum about food in New York City called Chowhound. "That was back in 1997, but it was not until the early 2000s that blogs became mainstream, and topics ranging from politics to fashion were explored and discussed on the blogs.
Although several other restaurant review sites were available, such as Open-Table, Done, Urbanspoon, Chowhound, and TripAdvisor, Yelp was selected because it is one of the most commonly used Web sites and most RFFs in NYC were rated on the Yelp Web site.
Talking of food, Seattle folk keep abreast of websites such as yelp, seattle.eater and chowhound for the best deals and events.
Operation Chowhound: The Most Risky, Most Glorious U.S.
Operation Chowhound: The Most Risky, Most Glorious US Bomber Mission of WWII
"The British called the food drop Operation Manna, which was a good name for what we were doing, well, even if the food only came from a few hundred feet above." He then disparagingly shook his head at the American name for the mission, Operation Chowhound. He said that to this day he felt embarrassed by the insensitivity reflected in the name.
Beginning with a crazy plan hatched by a suspect prince, and an even crazier reliance on the word of the Nazis, Operation Chowhound was devised.
Millions of diners are now civilian critics, letting Chowhound, Yelp, Citysearch, and others in on their recent meals.