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Adj.1.christless - not believing in Christ
unchristian - not of a Christian faith
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Can a Christless church withstand, In the van of Freedom's onset, the coming of that hand?
Our Christless version of Eriugena's thought, one that situates him.
But tagging that phrase on the end doesn't make a Christless prayer Christian." Sometimes they are cheeky, like when talking to Bill Burr and writing, "Lutherans believe in the same heaven as Catholics.
And is not such a vague Christless faith just the sort of religion used by rulers to hold together the motley population of a multicultural empire--like the worship of Roman emperors?
"Christless," even "after eighteen hundred years of
Golden and sanguine laws which tempt and slay, Religion Christless, Godlessa book seal'd, A SenateTime's worst statute unrepeal'd.

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