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Christ 1

Jesus as considered in Christianity to be the Messiah.

Christ 2

The Messiah, as foretold by the prophets of the Hebrew Scriptures. Often used with the.

[Middle English Crist, from Old English Crīst, from Latin Chrīstus, from Greek Khrīstos, from khrīstos, anointed, verbal adj. of khrīein, to anoint; see ghrēi- in Indo-European roots.]

Christ′like′ adj.
Christ′li·ness n.
Christ′ly adj.
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Adj.1.christly - resembling or showing the spirit of Christ
christian - following the teachings or manifesting the qualities or spirit of Jesus Christ
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That led to Edwards and a friend, Mike Christly, beginning to tinker with different recipes for making the gelatin.
Electric speed eats up the curving bridges, yet his Christly chariot avoids the barriers and flash of adjacent fenders, avoids the bloody chambers.
Hollywood, FL, November 30, 2017 --( Secure Cloud provider announced today the hiring of John Christly to lead its Information Security and Compliance team.
John Christly, Global CISO, Netsurion, a provider of managed security services, and EventTracker, a SIEM company said, "With this influx of credit card breaches, hackers are dedicating a lot of time for small profits on the dark web.
For once I find myself in agreement with Brian Christly (Daily Post 23 Feb) The referendum on membership of the EU is a straight binary choice and, ideally, plans need to be prepared by the UK Government to cover either eventuality and open to public scrutiny.
Finishing as runner-up to James amongst the boys was Christly Pereira, while Prakash Aman was the second runner-up.
(60) Eddy seems to be expressing that Jesus patterned and enabled individual salvation through his own agonizing atonement, rather than substituting his for others; to follow him to his "throne of glory," everyone must drink from the same cup of "sorrowful effort" in proportion as they are able (though that proportion would never, of course, reach that of Jesus, whose virgin birth and saving mission signaled his christly status, a theological point on which Eddy was consistent).
Memorial Healthcare System, Hollywood, Fla., has also adapted parts of both the ISO and NIST standards, according to John Christly, manager of IT security and HIPAA security officer.
Starting with the high Christly sublimation for which it yearns and occasionally exceeds, and extending to the extra-linguistic regions of the unnameable, the Virgin Mother occupied the tremendous territory hither and yon of the parenthesis of language.
Christmas may seem challenging when we have faced a loss, but it brings a bright promise with it, the light of Christly love.