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Variant of christie.


(ˈkrɪstɪ) or


n (sometimes not capital) , pl -ties
(Skiing) skiing a turn in which the body is swung sharply round with the skis parallel, originating in Norway and used for stopping, slowing down, or changing direction quickly
[C20: shortened from Christiania]


(ˈkrɪs ti)

n., pl. -ties. (sometimes l.c.)


(ˈkrɪs ti)

Howard Chandler, 1873–1952, U.S. artist.
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Mary was just now at home waiting for a situation, while Christy, the boy next to her, was getting cheap learning and cheap fare in Scotland, having to his father's disappointment taken to books instead of that sacred calling "business."
"It's a thousand pities Christy didn't take to business, Susan.
Christy's gone, Alfred will be gone soon, and it will be five years before Jim is ready to take to business.
Journalist Leon Bing's book, A Wrongful Death: One Child's Encounter With Public Health and Private Greed, unsparingly recounts Southwood's deplorable handling of Christy Scheck's case and raises broader questions about the way mental illness is treated (or, too often, mistreated) in the United States.
The PS34 towels are made under the Christy brand name, which boasts of its English roots.
Aslan are quite literally in flying form thanks to the news that their captain Christy Dignam just being given the all-clear to travel on long haul trips again, The Beat can exclusively reveal.
CHRISTY O'Hare, a 12 year old student at Stokesley School, is celebrating after being crowned North Yorkshire's Year 7 County Cross Country Champion.
14 March 2019 - Colorado, US-based speciality retailer Christy Sports LLC has acquired Utah, US-based outdoor furniture retail operator Leisure Living, Inc., the strengthen presence in Utah, the company said.
Having faced numerous hardships throughout her life, it would have been easy for Kristen Christy to give up.
Those documents identified Appellant Albert Christy as the associated subscriber.