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a. Relating to colors or color.
b. Relating to color perceived to have a saturation greater than zero.
2. Music
a. Of, relating to, or based on the chromatic scale.
b. Relating to chords or harmonies based on nonharmonic tones.

[Greek khrōmatikos, from khrōma, khrōmat-, color.]

chro·mat′i·cal·ly adv.
chro·mat′i·cism (-sĭz′əm) n.
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Adv.1.chromatically - with respect to color; "chromatically pure"
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'If black is a colour, then you should be able to treat it chromatically the same way you'd be able to treat any other colour in a picture, chromatically,' he says--so that his paintings, on one level, formally embody an ideal in which black is simply a colour designation, like any other, with no greater cultural significance.
oerstedii meral spots suggest that the meral spots contrast chromatically with seagrass and rubble backgrounds (AMF, unpubl.
He even included the flag of the singer's home state, Indiana, in one of the pleated "flagification" pieces which brought a splash of vivid color to an otherwise chromatically restrained collection.
Jones's Gray Measure with Clipped Tone (Inverses), both 2016, chromatically reduced works that involve compositions of two rectangular units forming a corner or an edge, and that manipulate light and sound.
The performer can thus perform even the most difficult and chromatically extensive pieces.
Boyd Pomeroy's essay, in a manner that echoes Rothstein's, traces dominants in Claude Debussy's music that are ghostly remainders of their usual selves, in this case because they are chromatically displaced.
Although commercial tanning beds are less regulated and more chromatically constrained (tanning beds emit very little UVB radiation), they are, for most, cheaper and more accessible.
The videos to the songs on the album, produced in collaboration with her girlfriend, Lisa, are a suite of short films shot chromatically or in black-and-white.
There are ten more higher horns, going up chromatically to the shortest horn, the B[flat] alto horn (T:0).
Each study consists of a specific pattern, which is repeated in various keys, ascending chromatically.
The story of Dior Cosmetics is told not chronologically, but chromatically, with each chapter devoted to one of 12 colors.