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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The scientific study of color.

chro′ma·tist (-mə-tĭst) n.
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(krəʊˈmætɪks) or


(Colours) (functioning as singular) the science of colour
chromatist, ˌchromaˈtologist n
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(kroʊˈmæt ɪks, krə-)

n. (used with a sing. v.)
the science of colors.
chro•ma•tist (ˈkroʊ mə tɪst) n.
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the branch of opties that studies the properties of colors.
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When the "dramatic chromatics" were exhibited in the school, the comments were great.
Data conversion services can be obtained from AUDRE, Inc.; American Pacific Data Services; Michael Baker, Jr., Inc.; Byers Engineering Co.; Data Chromatics; Decision Graphics, Inc.; Emery DataGraphic, Inc.; Erdman, Anthony, & Assoc., Inc.; International Imaging, Inc.; QC Data; Rolta Int'l., Inc.; SMARTSCAN, Inc.; Systems Development Assocs.; ThirdWave Corp.; West Coast Information Systems.
In recasting an earlier article, "Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Radical and Traditional Views in His Dictionnaire de musique" (Journal of Musicology 7 [1989]: 308-26), into the broader context of this book, Verba brings her examination of the fundamental disagreement concerning the issue of universal or natural laws of harmony to bear upon the more specific disagreement concerning melodic versus harmonic supremacy, drawn from her "The Development of Rameau's Thoughts on Modulation and Chromatics" (Journal of the American Musicological Society 26 [1973]: 69-91).
The colors range from tinted whites to an expanded neutral palette, to rich chromatics and to deep, blackened tones.
That was when his chromatics started to brighten, predominated by red (from London's bus and telephone).
This early passion for shape, color, and flight would become a foundational myth and find its fullest expression in the soaring chromatics of his later work.
For me [demonstrates] it is a challenge when a run begins with chromatics and, then, goes right into whole steps.
9 108 Bromley's Magic Soaps 119 Brut 76 Bureau of Indian Standards 98 Butter London 59 Calvin Klein 76 Carex 81 Carolina Herrera 81 CCA Industries 116 Chanel 76, 81 Charles of the Ritz 76 Charlie 76 Christian Dior 81 Chromatics 81 CK One 76 Clarins 81 Clean & Clear 108 Clear Men Scalp 30 Cloudbreak Group 72 Colgate 24, 30 Collistar 81 ColorInsider 81 Concoctions 40 Consumer Product Safety Commission 36 Cosme Decorte 81 Cosmetic Ingredient Review 123 Coty 72, 76 CoverGirl 30, 59 Crimson 59 Cussons Kids 81 Dabur 48 Daniel Jouvance 81 Datamonitor 40 Davi 81 Deborah Lippmann 59 Dermalogica 28 Dermelect Cosmeceuticals 59 Dettol 81 Dove 81, 108 Dr.
The Rhapsody Trio for Two Violins and Viola of 1928 was radical, with very un-English chromatics and Schoenbergian approach to tonality.
Throughout the book, comments are provided to help you create the most beautiful sounds and master your instrument." The Horn Call received the horn version of Book 1 which consists of eleven different but basic exercises emphasizing fundamentals of playing, including long tones, flow, slurring, articulation, accuracy, major scales, chromatics, range building, and even a warm-down for the end of the session.