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An instrument that produces a chromatogram.
tr.v. chro·mat·o·graphed, chro·mat·o·graph·ing, chro·mat·o·graphs
To separate and analyze by chromatography.

chro·mat′o·graph′ic adj.
chro·mat′o·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.chromatographic - of or relating to chromatography
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Bedford, MA 7/31/2002 -- Millipore acquired the intellectual property and physical assets of CPG Inc., a supplier of high-capacity chromatographic media for Millipore's Prosep-A High Capacity Chromatographic Media.
Hold-up volume and unit size are significantly reduced through the use of innovative modular valves, unique stainless steel pipework design flow and thorough instrumentation that result in superior chromatographic performance with the potential for increased product yields and purity
The sampling effort by 23 labs measured dioxins with mass spectrometry and quantified PCBs using gas chromatographic techniques along with electron capture or mass spectrometry.
By following the noses of fellow General Foods employees, Parliment succeeded in isolating the gas chromatographic fraction containing the corn essence.
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Column selection is probably the single most important aspect of method development that will directly affect measurement accuracy and precision of liquid chromatographic (LC) measurements.
The chromatographic methods demonstrated a good precision, repeatability, stability, with relative standard deviations of <3% for relative retention time and relative peak area.
Innovation in liquid chromatography instrument design and column technology over the last decade has led to substantial improvements in chromatographic throughput and resolution.
Techniques and procedures are described in detail, and internationally available bulk sorbents and precoated chromatographic plates are evaluated.