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The difference between one color and a reference color of the same brightness and chromaticity.

[Blend of chromo- and luminance.]


1. (General Physics) the quality of light that causes the sensation of colour. It is determined by comparison with a reference source of the same brightness and of known chromaticity
2. (Broadcasting) the information that defines the colour (hue and saturation) of a television image, but not the brightness
[C20: from chromo- + luminance]


(ˈkroʊ mə nəns)

the difference in color quality between a color and a reference color that has an equal brightness and a specified chromaticity.
[1950–55; chrom (atic) + (lum) inance]
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The processed L channel is then combined with the chrominance channels ('a' and 'b') and converted back to RGB color space.
Most chrominance changes in a real scene are accompanied by a luminance change [5].
The VC1080 provides chrominance and Luminance separation for composited video, and deinterlacing for smooth video playback.
The YIQ model was designed to separate chrominance from luminance, a requirement in the early days of colour television.
It also employs chrominance and luminance sensors to calculate the varying levels of lighting depth.
264 compression algorithm, which uses the 4:2:2(3) chrominance format, enables footage of fast-moving sports like soccer to be broadcast without sacrificing quality, ensuring that viewers at home can enjoy realistic and thrilling videos of world-class soccer matches.
Moreover, the camera features color correction, color saturation, lens shading correction, software reset as well as chrominance control and maintains the ability to withstand extreme temperatures.
described a very simple technique for compression of chrominance data in color images and video sequences coded at low bit rates.
The color features used in this approach are hue and chrominance.
The separation of luminance and chrominance data in S-video signals provides enhanced video quality.
3DY/C separator that accurately separates the luminance and chrominance in NTSC signals to reduce dot-crawl and cross-color artifacts and enable high-quality video capturing
First, the original and distorted images, which are represented in a device-dependent space, are converted into a device-independent representation consisting of one luminance and two chrominance color components for each image, known as the YCbCr color space.