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The difference between one color and a reference color of the same brightness and chromaticity.

[Blend of chromo- and luminance.]
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1. (General Physics) the quality of light that causes the sensation of colour. It is determined by comparison with a reference source of the same brightness and of known chromaticity
2. (Broadcasting) the information that defines the colour (hue and saturation) of a television image, but not the brightness
[C20: from chromo- + luminance]
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(ˈkroʊ mə nəns)

the difference in color quality between a color and a reference color that has an equal brightness and a specified chromaticity.
[1950–55; chrom (atic) + (lum) inance]
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Its colour version, known as FSIMc, contains the additional factor (with the exponent [gamma]), where the same formulas are applied for both chrominance components in YIQ colour space.
[7] proposed a universal color model for fire pixel detection, and the algorithm used the YCbCr color space to separate chrominance and luminance components more effectively than other color spaces (such as RGB).
Another color conversion is used such as YCbCr color system to give the luminance information Y or chrominance information Cb and Cr [26].
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As we become hypnotized by this magical little anomaly, chromatic bands glide across the frame, reconfiguring its glowing palette while referencing the color bars that guide televisual chrominance and luminance.
By using the luminance and chrominance channels of the combined colour texture information, complementary low-level feature descriptions are extracted from a variety of colour spaces; the feature descriptions from each image band are combined to produce a feature histogram.
Noisy image is converted into luminance chrominance (YCbCr) color space by matrix transformation as
Since the human visual system is more sensitive to the luminance channel, we use the superresolution reconstruction method based on dictionary learning proposed in this study to reconstruct the images in the luminance channel, and the images in the Cb and Cr chrominance channels are simply magnified by the bicubic interpolation method.
The study of [90] proposed an algorithm for converting the RGB image into the grey-scale image which can do RGB approximation, reduction, and addition of luminance and chrominance and sustain the structure, sharpness, contrast, and shadow of the original RGB color image in the resultant image.
Since Y is a luminance component, [C.sub.b] and [C.sub.r] are chrominance components.
(10) Reconstruction of the watermarked video frame is done using the watermarked luminance part and the original frame chrominance parts Cb and Cr, by conversion from the YCbCr into the RGB color space.