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n. pl. chro·mos Informal
A chromolithograph.
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n, pl -mos
(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) short for chromolithograph
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(ˈkroʊ moʊ)

n., pl. -mos.
[by shortening]


or chromato-

a combining form meaning “color,” “pigment” (chromophil) or, by extension, “chromosome” (chromonema).
[< Greek, comb. form of chrôma color]
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And not a chromo. I had been used to chromos for years, and I saw now that without my suspecting it a passion for art had got worked into the fabric of my being, and was become a part of me.
My mistress rented it unfurnished, and put in the regular things--1903 antique unholstered parlour set, oil chromo of geishas in a Harlem tea house, rubber plant and husband.
Her aunt Miranda saw no wisdom in cultivating such a talent, and could not conceive that any money could ever be earned by its exercise, "Hand painted pictures" were held in little esteem in Riverboro, where the cheerful chromo or the dignified steel engraving were respected and valued.
A month before, this mountain had been only a name to us, but latterly we had been moving through a steadily thickening double row of pictures of it, done in oil, water, chromo, wood, steel, copper, crayon, and photography, and so it had at length become a shape to us--and a very distinct, decided, and familiar one, too.
He gazed across the monstrous sordidness of soul to a chromo on the wall.
"That," she said, pointing to the picture--a rather vivid chromo entitled, "Christ Blessing Little Children"--"and I was just imagining I was one of them--that I was the little girl in the blue dress, standing off by herself in the corner as if she didn't belong to anybody, like me.
were either blank back or else had vignettes worked into chromolithographed These have to be held in order to see any whatsoever and often risque scenes of which aunts would Others w front and b blank vigne the chromo design.
The full body massage is performed with rich, creamy balm enhanced with the rejuvenating properties of black tea, shea butter and macadamia oil with bamboo extract for soft exfoliation, rounded off with a chromo energetic hydro bath.
(2) Yet she throws the idea out in a letter written shortly afterwards, as if for the first time: "I sometimes wonder if it would be worthwhile when these Indian Plants are done to publish them in Chromo...." (3) Whenever the matter was originally raised, future correspondence suggests Burnell responded positively.
I became more than ever convinced that Chromo Lithography was but a long tedious and complicated method of reaching a result and that there must be some simple and complete process yet undiscovered and hidden from us for Printing in Colours by one operation.
QRT-PCR analysis was performed by using a SYBR Premix EX TaqTM II (TaKaRa, Japan) on a Chromo 4 Real-Time PCR Detector (BIO-RAD, USA).