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n. pl. chro·mos Informal
A chromolithograph.


n, pl -mos
(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) short for chromolithograph


(ˈkroʊ moʊ)

n., pl. -mos.
[by shortening]


or chromato-

a combining form meaning “color,” “pigment” (chromophil) or, by extension, “chromosome” (chromonema).
[< Greek, comb. form of chrôma color]
References in classic literature ?
My mistress rented it unfurnished, and put in the regular things--1903 antique unholstered parlour set, oil chromo of geishas in a Harlem tea house, rubber plant and husband.
Her aunt Miranda saw no wisdom in cultivating such a talent, and could not conceive that any money could ever be earned by its exercise, "Hand painted pictures" were held in little esteem in Riverboro, where the cheerful chromo or the dignified steel engraving were respected and valued.
A month before, this mountain had been only a name to us, but latterly we had been moving through a steadily thickening double row of pictures of it, done in oil, water, chromo, wood, steel, copper, crayon, and photography, and so it had at length become a shape to us--and a very distinct, decided, and familiar one, too.
He gazed across the monstrous sordidness of soul to a chromo on the wall.
That," she said, pointing to the picture--a rather vivid chromo entitled, "Christ Blessing Little Children"--"and I was just imagining I was one of them--that I was the little girl in the blue dress, standing off by herself in the corner as if she didn't belong to anybody, like me.
This alignment of methods, Harboured within the same project, Will create a clear scientific advantage and allow me to tackle the following big research question: How can atomic nuclei be described in chiral effective field theories of quantum chromo dynamics
Nano-dispersed pigments are used to recreate very high chromo colors recently introduced by several OEMs," said Robert K.
Glassine, Azure Laid and Chromo are all types of what?
With inbuilt features like monitoring body vitals, chromo therapy, adjustable base, anti snoring (first mattress in the world to stop snoring while asleep) and zero gravity (most comfortable position known to the world as of today which is exact same position in which a child remains in a mother's womb, known to completely distress one), Magni SmarTech has taken the concept of healthy lifestyle in a technological world to another level.
Para el caso del CHROMAgar UTI, se seleccionaban las colonias de color azul, para el medio Baird Parker las colonias negras, y para el medio Chromo Candida se buscaban colonias de color verde.
In the interior, contrasts between black and red express the typical BMW athleticism: sporting chromo scaling at console, red contrast stitching on the sport steering wheel and a basic decorative trim strip in high-gloss black with coral red accentuated strip.
Precizines skales gaminamos ant ilgos stiklines liniuotes, kurios viena plokstuma padengta ypac kieta chromo plevele, arba plienines juostos su aukso pleveles danga.