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An irregular aggregation of chromatin in the nucleus of a cell not undergoing mitosis.


1. (Biology) any of the dense aggregates of chromatin in the nucleus of a cell
2. (Biology) the nucleus of a cell


(ˈkær i əˌsoʊm)

any of several masses of chromatin in the reticulum of a cell nucleus.
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We might also expect chromosome pairing and chromocenter morphologies not to differ when species specific and combinational types are compared.
On the cytological level, during interphase, the chromosomes in animals, such as flies, are all joined together in a common heterochromatic region, referred to as the chromocenter.
These nuclei are very large, with absence of chromosome threads and with diffuse nucleoplasm, except for a number of prominent chromocenters thought to be the pericentromeric heterochromatin.