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The art or process of printing color pictures from a series of stone or zinc plates by lithography.

chro′mo·li·thog′ra·pher n.
chro′mo·lith′o·graph′ic (-lĭth′ə-grăf′ĭk) adj.
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heart, or a shilling for a pair of chromolithographic pictures or delft figures to place on his mantelboard, suffered greater privation for the sake of possessing a work of art than the great landlord or shareholder who paid a thousand pounds, which he was too rich to miss, for a portrait that, like Hogarth's Jack Sheppard, was only interesting to students of criminal physiognomy.
They were often sold in sets and the quality of the German chromolithographic printing is so good, the stamps and coins look confusingly real.
The more than 350 illustrations feature firstgeneration, vintage photographic and chromolithographic baseball cards; photographs of famous players and ballparks; and newspaper clippings, cartoons, New Deal photographs, and baseball advertisements.
In addition to the image being printed in every copy of the Cyclopaedia, countless numbers of quality chromolithographic prints were published that hang in the homes of collectors to this day (mine included).
While Robertson shows how print has at times been built up as a symbol of power and authority, as replicated in mundane objects like timetables and paper currency, she also examines facets that have been marginalised, including cheap chromolithographic postcards and church newsletters printed on home office equipment.
The final chapter showcases a beautifully reproduced archive of late-nineteenth-century chromolithographic advertising cards, artifacts that have largely been analyzed only for their racist content.
Chromolithographic processes and their transmogrifications are notoriously difficult to identify--even specialist chromolithographic printers sometimes advertised their services with colour relief prints (Fig.
THE BIRDS OF AMERICA: THE BIEN CHROMOLITHOGRAPHIC EDITION is an oversized reproduction of a rare 'double elephant' folio edition never published before and representing the chromolithographic works of printer Julian Bien, originally slated to be the largest and most valuable book ever published in America, until the Civil War stymied the process.