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Any of various chemical groups that absorb light of certain wavelengths and when present in an organic compound, such as a dye or pigment, are responsible for the color of the compound.

chro′mo·phor′ic (-fôr′ĭk) adj.
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(Chemistry) a group of atoms in a chemical compound that are responsible for the colour of the compound
ˌchromoˈphoric, ˌchromoˈphorous adj
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(ˈkroʊ məˌfɔr, -ˌfoʊr)

any chemical group that produces color in a compound, as the azo group −N=N−.
chro`mo•phor′ic (-ˈfɔr ɪk, -ˈfɒr-) adj.
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Noun1.chromophore - the chemical group that gives color to a molecule
chemical group, radical, group - (chemistry) two or more atoms bound together as a single unit and forming part of a molecule
dye, dyestuff - a usually soluble substance for staining or coloring e.g. fabrics or hair
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11/666,320 for Heterocyclical Chromophore Architectures, directed to various Perkinamine chromophores for applications in electro-optical device markets.
A single photon may create or destroy a chromophore, or scission a polymer chain, or initiate other processes, or produce no effect.
(Antony, France) has patented a process for measuring the enzymatic activity of a solid feed sample wherein the process includes contacting the solid feed sample, a reagent for the enzyme whose activity it is desired to measure comprising a substrate specific for the enzyme linked to a chromophore, and a buffer for dissolving the enzyme, in a container fitted with a leak proof opening and closing system; shaking the container to distribute the chromophore in the liquid buffer; and then observing the coloration of the liquid phase, the coloration being proportional to the activity of the enzyme present in the sample.
The protein coils itself into the shape of a barrel, with three amino acids in the center serving as the light-emitting chromophore (SN: 10/5/96, p.
This structure is a strong chromophore resulting in the yellowing of urethanes.
Lasers, which preferentially heat chromophores, work well for tattoo removal since a selected wavelength is preferentially absorbed by a particular chromophore, targeting tattooed tissue and sparing non-inked tissue.
The use of missiles in the structure of the drug delivery system solves the problem of using chromophore -- which is not very safe -- in the formulation of the drug.
The chromophore of the green fluorescent protein, as a biomolecule from jellyfish Aequorea victoria, has been widely used as a genetically encoded noninvasive fluorescence marker in bioimaging [20].
To tease out what skin pigments mattered in people's judgments, the researchers analysed the colours of each cheek sample with a method called "chromophore mapping".
According to chief scientific officer Dave Eaton a tricyclic spacer is an ancillary group attached to the core of the nonlinear optical chromophore which prevents undesired dimerization, which can destroy the polar orientation required for effective nonlinear response.
In response, Sederma has launched Chromocare, an active substance which associates two plant extracts to form an unprecedented anti-aging skin care based on chromophore mapping.