chromosonal disorder

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Noun1.chromosonal disorder - any change in the normal structure or number of chromosomes; often results in physical or mental abnormalities
aberrance, aberrancy, aberration, deviance - a state or condition markedly different from the norm
monosomy - chromosomal abnormality consisting of the absence of one chromosome from the normal diploid number
trisomy - chrosomal abnormality in which there is one more than the normal number of chromosomes in a cell
sex-linked disorder - any disease or abnormality that is determined by the sex hormones; "hemophilia is determined by a gene defect on an X chromosome"
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Here he talks about what attracted him to the role WRITER Shaun Pye, who you may remember as Ricky Gervais' nemesis Greg in Extras, has penned a comedy-drama based on his own experiences as a parent to a daughter with a rare chromosonal disorder.
LITTLE Erin Mortimer will start school without her twin sister next month because of a one in a billion chromosonal disorder.
Mr Pullen, aged 26, said: "Malachi has a chromosonal disorder which is similar to Down's syndrome, but it is not recognised and we don't know exactly what it is, or if there any other cases in the UK or internationally.