Related to chromous: Chromous acid


Relating to or containing chromium, especially with valence 2.


(Chemistry) of or containing chromium in the divalent state


(ˈkroʊ məs)

containing divalent chromium.
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The PCR product was purified using Quiagen kit as per the manufacture instruction and sent to Chromous Biotech Pvt.
Bonner, The Exchange Reaction Between Chromous and Chromic Ions in Perchloric Acid Solution, J.
For the molecular identification of the isolate with piperine production, genomic DNA was purified using the Chromous Biotech Fungal gDNA Mini spin kit (Category number RKT41).
Twenty [micro]L reaction mix contained 1X PCR buffer, 0.75 units of Taq DNA polymerase (Sigma Aldrich, USA), 200 [micro]M dNTPs (Sigma Aldrich, USA), 0.5 [micro]M each primer (Chromous Biotech, Bangalore, India), and 50ng/[micro]L of genomic DNA.
Transfer of two electrons from two monomer ions radical by H2CrO4 produces para semidine salt along with chromous acid H2Cr2O3 (Cr(IV)).
The method was performed at one of the commercial laboratories, namely, Chromous Biotech Pvt.
The successful PCR amplicons (40 [micro]L post-PCR) were sent for direct sequencing to the Chromous Biotech Pvt.
The PCR products were purified using gel extraction kit (Chromous Biotech, India).
For this fungal, genomic DNA was isolated by using Fungal gDNA extraction kit (Chromous Biotech Pvt.
Pyrite removal from kerogen without altering organic matter: the chromous chloride method // Energ.
The amplification product was purified by Chromous PCR clean up Kit (#PCR 10) according to manufacturer's instructions.