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(Colours) having a chrome colour or containing chrome


(ˈkroʊ mi)

adj. chrom•i•er, chrom•i•est.
decorated with chrome: a chromy car.
chrom′i•ness, n.
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3 trillion mark, students and families should not be denied the ability to refinance their loans in a way that benefits them," said Education Finance Council President Debra Chromy.
Josef Chromy 2013 "Pepik" Pinot Noir (Tasmania, Australia; $30)
Many important guests from China and abroad were invited to this press conference, including Anna Chromy, a national-level artist of Monaco; Shen Bin, representative of Expo Shanghai Group; Wang Yuan, CEO of Shanghai Yuanzhou Culturals Communication Co.
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They help to soften the shopping trip," says Dave Chromy, president of the one-unit start-up independent.
A simulation analysis showed that a 2-percent threshold represented a reasonable balance between paying deserved performance payments and not paying undeserved performance payments (Pope and Chromy, 1997).
Jozef Chromy, 49, of Awel Mor, Llanedeyrn, Cardiff, was fined pounds 50 and had three penalty points added to their licence after pleading guilty to driving with a defective tyre.
2) At both stages, selections were made using the Chromy method within SAS Proc SurveySelect (SAS Institute 1999).
The book was sold to Julia Pastore at Harmony, by Adam Chromy at Artists and Artisans.
Father Gerard Chromy added: "We have a great affection for our man, Tom.
Chardonnay over [pounds sterling]15- Josef Chromy, Chardonnay, Tasmania 2011