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1. The interval of time represented by a specific stratum of rock selected to be representative of all rocks formed during the same span of time.
2. The interval of time between two reversals of the Earth's magnetic polarity.

[From Greek khronos, time.]
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var. of chrono- before a vowel: chronaxie.




1. chronicle.
2. chronological.
3. chronology.
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Cx601 is an allogeneic adipose stem cell derived preparation designed to treat complex perianal fistulas in Chron's disease patients who have previously failed conventional therapy.
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Paleomagnetism studies from the immediate area seem to indicate that Chron 29R may be present up to 10 meters above the formation contact (1).
Controversial research has suggested a link between the MMR jab and the onset of autism and Chron's disease.
But if Cyrus (2 Chron. 36:22-23) and subsequent Achaemenid monarchs are viewed by the Chronicler as the divinely authorized successors to the dynasties of Saul and David, in what sense does the Second Temple, the Temple of the Chronicler's own time, embody the Davidic promises?
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