chronic kidney failure

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Noun1.chronic kidney failure - renal failure that can result from a variety of systemic disorders
kidney failure, renal failure - inability of the kidneys to excrete wastes and to help maintain the electrolyte balance
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In patients diagnosed with chronic kidney failure, however, the kidneys are unable to properly clean the blood resulting in the accumulation of waste products and fluid in their body.
But in patients with chronic kidney failure, the kidneys are unable to clean the blood properly.
Further, the lived experiences of children with chronic kidney failure and their families simultaneously place them at risk for psychosocial difficulties, yet offer opportunities for personal growth (Nicolas, Picone, & Selkirk, 2011).
Marina is fighting stage 3 chronic kidney failure while Cesar's mother has heart enlargement and pneumonia.
Most common claims * Dogs Osteoarthritis 2.9% Cancer (all types) 3.2% Ear Infection 3.8% (Otitis) Gastrointestinal 4.7% Condition Environmental 8.1% Allergies (Atopy) * Cats Diabetes 3.9% Gastrointestinal 6.2% Condition Cancer (all types) 6.3% Hyperthyroidism 6.5% Chronic Kidney Failure 8.4% (Renal Failure) Most expensive claims * Dogs & Cats Trauma $9,715.09 Gastrointestinal $11,601.78 Condition Congestive Heart $11,883.52 Failure Respiratory $13,200.09 Condition Cancer (Sarcoma) $14,004.20
These included patients of gynae, hepatitis, thalassaemia, road traffic accidents, chronic kidney failure, dialysis and burn patients.
DaVita Kidney Care delivers dialysis services to patients with chronic kidney failure and end stage renal disease and serves more than 200,000 patients annually.
Chronic kidney disease, also called chronic kidney failure, is the gradual loss of kidney function over a period of months or years.
Chronic kidney failure is one of the most prevalent illnesses in geriatric cats, but early detection and treatment greatly improves the prognosis for these cats.
'The cause of death is chronic kidney failure which comes with age and fits in with the observed symptoms of weight loss.
The majority of chronic kidney failure patients are diagnosed in the last stage.
provides kidney care in the US, delivering dialysis services to patients with chronic kidney failure and end-stage renal disease.

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