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Infection with a fungus of the genus Candida, especially C. albicans, that usually occurs in the skin and mucous membranes of the mouth, respiratory tract, or vagina but may invade the bloodstream, especially in immunocompromised individuals. Also called candidosis, moniliasis.
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(Medicine) another name for thrush21a
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(ˌkæn dɪˈdaɪ ə sɪs)

n., pl. -ses (-ˌsiz)
any of a variety of infections caused by fungi of the genus Candida, occurring most often in the mouth, respiratory tract, or vagina. Compare thrush 2 (def. 1).
[1945–50; < New Latin Candid(a) + -iasis]
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Noun1.candidiasis - an infection caused by fungi of the genus Monilia or Candida (especially Candida albicans)candidiasis - an infection caused by fungi of the genus Monilia or Candida (especially Candida albicans)
Candida albicans, Monilia albicans - a parasitic fungus that can infect the mouth or the skin or the intestines or the vagina
fungal infection, mycosis - an inflammatory condition caused by a fungus
thrush - candidiasis of the oral cavity; seen mostly in infants or debilitated adults
vaginitis - inflammation of the vagina (usually associated with candidiasis)
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n candidiasis f, infección f por hongos or levaduras
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STAT3 deficient hyper IgE patients are characterize by immunologic abnormalities including eczematous rashes, skin abscesses, respiratory infections, elevated IgE levels, chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis and eosinophilia1,3.
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albicans by dectin-1 triggers CARD9 signalling, and mutations in CARD9 lead to chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis and invasive Candida infections in humans [6].
CIDs that may present with skin findings include Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome, chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis, and severe combined immunodeficiency
Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis may cause elevated gliadin antibodies.
On physical examination he had alope-cia of head and neck and chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis. (Figure-1,2) Other physical examination were unremarkable.

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