chronic pyelonephritis

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Noun1.chronic pyelonephritis - pyelonephritis that develops slowly and can lead to renal failure if untreated; often associated with a kidney stone or with narrowing of the urinary passageways
pyelonephritis - inflammation of the kidney and its pelvis caused by bacterial infection
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[USPRwire, Wed Aug 21 2019] Chronic Pyelonephritis Treatment market: Drivers and Restraints Despite the use of anti-bacterial agents for chronic pyelonephritis treatment, the frequency of chronic pyelonephritis has not been significantly reduced with the chronic pyelonephritis treatments performed on reported cases actually it would affect the one in need of cure but the incidence of chronic pyelonephritis is reportedly dependent on other associated diseases.
Summary: Chronic pyelonephritis is a serious case of pyelonephritis which is a bacterial urinary tract infection of the kidneys.
Out of these, 55 specimens were removed for tumours, either benign or malignant and the remaining 35 showed non-neoplastic conditions like hydronephrosis, chronic pyelonephritis, tuberculous pyelonephritis and calculi.
Although the condition is preceded by either a calculus disease or chronic pyelonephritis, there are very rare instances where no such preceding condition exists, such as ours (1, 2).
Khawaja Sayeed Ahmed said that some kidney diseases, such as lupus nephropathy or kidney infection (acute or chronic pyelonephritis) typically affect women.
nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, Hakeem/ Desi, etc.), glomerulonephritis, obstructive uropathy, Chronic pyelonephritis, Toxic nephropathy and unknown).
This was followed by pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction causing renal damage 31(15.2%), chronic pyelonephritis 24(11.2%) and pyonephrosis 15(7.38%).
Gross findings and surgical pathology revealed acute on chronic pyelonephritis with multinucleated giant cells, consistent with XGP.
Functional loss can be related to intrinsic kidney diseases, such as chronic glomerulonephritis and chronic pyelonephritis (Huether & McCance, 2016).
XGPN is an atypical form of chronic pyelonephritis characterized by the destruction of the renal parenchyma and replacement with a chronic inflammatory infiltrate of lipid laden macrophages, known as xanthoma cells.
Renal biopsy revealed a picture suggestive of chronic pyelonephritis (Figure 8) and chronic gromerulonephritis.
The patients have been split into 4 groups consisting of 38 patients with chronic pyelonephritis and CKD of 1-2 stages (CRF 0), 21 patients with chronic glomerulonephritis and CKD of 1-2 stages (CRF 0), 44 patients with chronic pyelonephritis and 3 stage of CKD (CRF 1), 29 patients with chronic glomerulonephritis and 3 stages of CKD (CRF 1).

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