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n. pl. chro·nol·o·gies
1. The science that deals with the determination of dates and the sequence of events.
2. The arrangement of events in time.
3. A chronological list or table.

chro·nol′o·gist, chro·nol′o·ger n.
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Then 'tis I who am mistaken, for you have always been a good chronologist.
This trend is not limited to fragrance brands, as there are several specialist examples of hair fragrance from Percy & Reed, Kerastase Chronologist, Oribe Cote d'Azur Hair Refresher and Show Beauty Hair Fragrance.
Music Sonata Arctica with special guests Delain, Xandria, Chronologist, 7 p.
The author completed research on the life of Eratosthenes, a Greek student of math, science, and philosophy, who later became a chronologist and author.
Aardsma, "The Origin and Antiquity of the Biblical Text," The Biblical Chronologist 8, no.