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An exceptionally precise timepiece.

chron′o·met′ric (krŏn′ə-mĕt′rĭk, krō′nə-), chron′o·met′ri·cal adj.
chron′o·met′ri·cal·ly adv.
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In addition, low frequencies pieces, with high chronometric density and low intensities induce calm and relaxation (Burns et al.
Frequently used as an objective metric, chronometric age takes on new meaning in migration and determines access to work and welfare.
Three chronometric indices of relational responding as predictors of performance on a brief intelligence test: The importance of relational flexibility.
Alternately extravagant and self-effacingly low-key, its cast of material characters included a mumbling mop, a medicine cabinet full of chronometric health-and beauty-care products, an extension-cord bikini, and a bronze, big-toe doorstop.
In addition to the modern materials like reinforced concrete, the new 1920 San Siro boasted a number of other improvements: indoor plumbing; electricity, including lighting for the track; telephone; telegraph; pneumatic post; cinematography at the finish line; chronometric signals and services and, most importantly for our purposes, "la macchina coi nastri che regolarizza la partenza" (Parini); that is, the machine or apparatus with tapes that regulates the horses' departure as the race begins.
By going beyond the obvious chronometric parameters of music and rhythm in what we consider meaning in music.
2005) Information processing during physical exercise: A chronometric and electromyographic study.
We might say: the linguistic world of the printed text belongs to the measured time of regulated succession, of the chronometric, of Chronos, and the paralinguistic world of the reader belongs to Aeon, "floating, nonpulsed time [.
It also promises a chronometric variation of just zero to 30 seconds a month (translation: high performance over 30 days, not just 24 hours).
The development of procedural knowledge: An alternative explanation for chronometric trends of mental arithmetic.
Entre los capitulos basados en la tecnologia, en el contenido y en los efectos, encontramos el capitulo 13 (quiza una desafortunada coincidencia) llamado "Attention to television: Psychological theories and chronometric measures" (Atencion a la television: Teorias psicologicas y medidas cronometricas).
It's a winding system with 48 hours power reserve, with twin barrels designed to maintain perfect chronometric stability.