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The scientific measurement of time.


(Horology) the science or technique of measuring time with extreme accuracy


(krəˈnɒm ɪ tri)

1. the art of measuring time accurately.
2. measurement of time by periods or divisions.


1. the art of measuring time accurately.
2. the measurement of time by periods or divisions. — chronometric, chronometrical, adj.
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and seven gold medals in chronometry competitions across the world during the late 19th and early 20th century.
Its original construction is characterised by its central attachment, endowing the piece with exemplary chronometry, while achieving a peerless level of transparency.
Film with 92 minutes of chronometry is almost Chekhov-style story about successful film director, who is shooting his last film at his country house against all the odds.Strange guests, narcissistic actors, eccentric neighbors and the director himself offer rich ground for the author's irony, and sarcasm.
Despite extensive research, the exact methodology that creates the synapse has remained elusive, possibly due to the diverse variety of synapse types, locations, uses, chronometry, age, state of the micromilieu, and because of multiple other underlying factors that have been thought to contribute to the neuronal junction.
To address this issue, we used a mental chronometry paradigm in order to compare the time of execution of two Pilates exercises with the time of imagination of the same exercises in both VMI-I and VMI-E perspectives.
Davidson (1998) described such research efforts as affective chronometry, or "the temporal dynamics of affective responding" (p.
Augmenting mental chronometry: the P300 as a measure of stimulus evaluation time.
Donchin, "Parsing the late positive complex: mental chronometry and the ERP components that inhabit the neighborhood of the P300," Psychophysiology, vol.
In order to confirm its place among the leaders of Swiss chronometry, Mido is launching its only COSC-certified chronograph in the Commander collection.