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n. Informal
A stupid, gauche person; a blockhead.

[Possibly from chuck.]

chuck′le·head′ed adj.
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informal a stupid person; blockhead; dolt
ˈchuckleˌheaded adj
ˈchuckleˌheadedness n
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(ˈtʃʌk əlˌhɛd)

n. Slang.
a stupid or blundering person.
[1725–35; chuckle clumsy]
chuck′le•head`ed, adj.
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port gibson D&S Southern Transport LLC LLC 1/17/2019 1088 Lacashe subdivision rd.1 Potts Camp Chucklehead Farm, LLC LLC 1/14/2019 2:20:55 432 Temperance Hill Circle Prairie Cedar Ridge Farm LLP LLP 1/29/2019 10579 Old Magnolia Hwy Prentiss AAA MS Ventures LLC LLC 1/4/2019 5:43:53 2880 COLUMBIA AVENUE D & M Transport, LLC LLC 1/19/2019 10:04:25 AM 466 Pierce Wrecker Service, LLC LLC 1/10/2019 130 airport rd Rankin Logistics LLC LLC 1/7/2019 7885 Highway 42 Smoking Beer Mound LLC LLC 1/22/2019 1805 Columbia Avenue Preston MGM Autobus, LLC LLC 1/1/2019 325 Curtis Goodin Rd.
"There's no budget or staff for that to be done now."<br />While a few "chucklehead" lawyers may have gotten through security with a firearm, Torrence said, "a bigger threat to us is probably employees than it is lawyers."<br />Torrence said new signs will be posted at courthouses downtown and in Independence indicating that everyone who enters the courthouse, including lawyers, will be subject to random screenings.
With this film, Jarmusch builds a mirror world where the language is dated and cutesy (insults are "numbskull," "chucklehead," and "dumbbell"), threats of violence fizzle, traditional gender roles are the norm, and race relations are sunny.
Many years of study of conspiracy theory lore leads me to suggest that Donald Trump is a co-opted sycophantic con man chucklehead, put in place to further an agenda.
While Tom and Ray Magliozzi may have come across like a couple of neighborhood chucklehead grease monkeys, longtime listeners knew that the brothers were anything but -- both having graduated from MIT.
Kyle hypothesized that Sid was a chucklehead and Kyle's dad's dead Buick could prove it.
If his chucklehead countrymen's function is to amuse the world, his own function is to amuse himself, and the happy few who find his antic mordancy to their taste.
Humphrey (Justin Long) is one of the latter, and spends his days bobsledding down hills in hollowed-out logs with his chucklehead buddies, while his unrequited love, Alpha-wolf Kate (Hayden Panettiere), tries to maintain her dignity.
"Tales of the Troupe" is a memoir of Rob Dinsmoor, reflecting on his time in the comedy troupe Chucklehead, which gained some degree of notoriety in New York throughout the 1980s.
But wait, chucklehead. Fear, insists Judy Carter, is a comic's friend.
Stick-in-the-muds will prefer "clot", "chump", and "herbert", you can come more up to date with "chucklehead" or "muppet", or move into the really trendy with "fribble", "gink" and "ning-nong" (which sounds like a politically-corrected version of something earlier that is now regarded as offensive).
Clot, chucklehead, muppet, plank and herbert are among better-known insults in the second edition.