n. Informal
A stupid, gauche person; a blockhead.

[Possibly from chuck.]

chuck′le·head′ed adj.
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"a person who commands instantly your respect and homage"; although this painting embarrassed the "sappy, gushy, chuckleheaded" saints and martyrs of the Old Masters that surrounded him.
He took the cascade of chuckleheaded moments and tried to plant the crazy idea in our brains that they were a mark of Romney's steadfast character.
Western powers simply do not want to associate themselves with the blood libel, Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and the other grandiose and chuckleheaded conspiracy theories common in parts of the Islamic world.
Only it offends me to the soul, to see a parcel of chuckleheaded Papas, doting Mammas, and chalk-and charcoal-faced Misses, neglecting that beautiful eccentricity of Turner's yonder in the mahogany frame, and crowding and squeezing, and riding upon one another's backs to get a sight--not of the faces of the folks hearing the Will, but of the brass clasps of the strong box wherein was deposited the Will.
Satire is scarcely the most acceptable of American modes, though chuckleheaded patriotism certainly is.
To be sure, Stoicism is convenient to a satirist for whom anything like fraternity or solidarity or messy activism is a chuckleheaded shuck.
Her fine ear for slang also anchors the story in time when she borrows such words as chunk, puzzlegut, chuckleheaded, and pone to describe throwing coins and men with fat stomachs, fat heads, and fat necks.
And then we'd smell smoke, because we always burned the first batch of toast, though far be it for fellows as chuckleheaded and unflappable as we were by that point to become discouraged: Ken would shout, Get the window, Kirbs!