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Any of several large herbivorous lizards of the genus Sauromalus of the southwest United States and Mexico, especially S. ater.

[American Spanish chacahuala, from Cahuilla tcáxxwal.]
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(Animals) a lizard, Sauromalus obesus, that has an inflatable body and inhabits desert regions of the southwestern US: family Iguanidae (iguanas)
[from Mexican Spanish chacahuala, from Shoshonean tcaxxwal]
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(ˈtʃʌkˌwɑ lə)

n., pl. -las.
an iguanid lizard, Sauromalis obesus, of arid parts of southwestern U.S. and Mexico.
[1865–70, Amer.; < California Sp chacahuala < Cahuilla čáxwal]
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Noun1.chuckwalla - a herbivorous lizard that lives among rocks in the arid parts of southwestern United States and Mexicochuckwalla - a herbivorous lizard that lives among rocks in the arid parts of southwestern United States and Mexico
iguanid, iguanid lizard - lizards of the New World and Madagascar and some Pacific islands; typically having a long tail and bright throat patch in males
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ornatus is from southwestern Wyoming to Nayarit and northern Coahuila, Mexico (including Triburon Island in the Gulf of California), along the lower Colorado River valley central Texas, and into California to the Chuckwalla Mountains.
A large multi-colored chuckwalla darted right in front of me and stopped to do pushups for my camera.
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Sauromalus varius, the San Esteban Chuckwalla, is a large, herbivorous lizard in the family Iguanidae (Etheridge, 1982; Grismer, 1994a; Grismer, 1994b) endemic to Isla San Esteban, Sonora, Mexico (Shaw, 1945).
9) Reptiles, bugs, spiders, tree lizards, water dragons, giant turtles, a range of chameleons, bearded dragons, Spinney Tailed Lizards, a Chuckwalla Lizard and Leopard Gecko are among the attractions in the Exo Terra Reptile.
Chuckwalla land; the riddle of California's desert.
the roadrunner with a chuckwalla dangling from her beak