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A sedge (Cyperus esculentus) sometimes cultivated for its edible nutlike tubers, and often occurring as a weed.

[Spanish, from earlier chufa, mockery, joke (probably used of the tubers because they were considered to be of little value and perhaps also influenced by trufa, truffle), alteration of chufla, from chuflar, to whistle, ridicule, from Vulgar Latin *sufilāre, alteration of Latin sībilāre, sīfilāre, to hiss, whistle at.]
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(Plants) a sedge, Cyperus esculentus, of warm regions of the Old World, with nutlike edible tubers
[C19: from Old Spanish: a morsel, joke, from chufar to joke, from chuflar to deride, ultimately from Latin sībilāre to whistle]
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Noun1.chufa - European sedge having small edible nutlike tuberschufa - European sedge having small edible nutlike tubers
sedge - grasslike or rushlike plant growing in wet places having solid stems, narrow grasslike leaves and spikelets of inconspicuous flowers
Cyperus, genus Cyperus - type genus of Cyperaceae; grasslike rhizomatous herbs; cosmopolitan except very cold regions
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Some of the best warm season plants are red ripper peas, cowpeas, catjang, joint-vetch, Alyceclover, soybeans, chufa, grain sorghum, millet, Hairy indigo, velvet beans and corn.
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Within the context of the current Judaization process in the occupied Jerusalem, the prestigious synagogue that was funded by the Chufa Family, the "DELIK Jewish Foundation", to be established in the Western Wall Tunnel in the Old City under the Buraq Wall.
Non tengades que es libro necio de devaneo, nin creades que es chufa algo que en el leo, ca, segund buen dinero yaze en vil correo, ansi en feo libro esta saber non feo.
With a focus on promoting fresh organic produce from Danish suppliers, this year's Organic Denmark Pavilion will feature Is fra SkarA/Biosynergy, Mejnerts MAlle, Fynbo Foods, Q-Kaffe and Kakao, ValsemAllen, Nordic Chufa, Biogan A/S, Herrens Mark, Skee Ismejeri, Smily Rainbow, Solhjulet A/S, Tea2you Tremendous Taste of Tea, Them Dairy, and Tvedemose Champignon.
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Imperial Whitetail Turkey Select" Chufa ($42.95/10-lb.
The mother, Chufa (the tiger nut name was given by my brother, amused by the ridiculous appearance of those low, elongated dogs, which we had never had up until then), who had been mine, I had later abandoned, upon getting married and leaving home.
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