chug along

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w>chug along

vientlangtuckern; (fig inf)gut vorankommen
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economy can "chug along", but he believes that the company stands to "dominate" its core niche through private label penetration and greater brand recognition.
Carload transaction prices, however, continue to chug along in a more modest range with prices up 3.4% in the latest quarter following its peak 4.8% price hike in November.
India, April 4 -- Are you sick and tired of your old laptop that is somehow managing to chug along at a snail's pace?
A variety of train-related crafts will be available and with the purchase of a Fun Pass, children can chug along to each business for a special souvenir.
The steam trains will chug along the Alishan Forest Railway Zhaoping Line and will include stops for snacks and scenic views.
Swansea Council has offered them the Swansea Bay land train and one of its carriages, which chug along the Mumbles promenade in the summer.
The train would chug along slowly and stop at quaint little stations.
So why not chug along to Albert Dock this weekend, for a unique event where there will be something for all generations to enjoy.
Long gone are the days of a quiet chug along the water taking in London's sights.
So, they chug along the choppy waters and Brody's sent to do the dirty work, scooping out chum in hopes of luring the great white.
As the economy continues to chug along on life support, desperate criminals are turning to unlikely targets.