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 (chŭg′ə-lŭg′) Slang
v. chug·a·lugged, chug·a·lug·ging, chug·a·lugs
To chug (a beverage).
To chug a beverage.
In continuous gulps: drank the beer chugalug.

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What's cool today is binge drinking, where the idea is not who can chugalug the most, but "who can get drunk fastest."
While the study comes as good news for those who enjoy their beer, it does not give anyone permission to chugalug...
In Optimal setting for atmospheric conditions that can induce delirium in the male, a pretty boy only has eyes for himself in his hand mirror; in delusion, a young buck in a Huck Finn-ish straw hat stares right past the viewer toward an unknown horizon; and in affectation, a hunk poses, waiting to be noticed as he chugalugs from what looks like a cross between a bong, a still, and one of those novelty hats that holds your drink for you.