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chug 1

A dull explosive sound, usually short and repeated, made by or as if by a laboring engine.
intr.v. chugged, chug·ging, chugs
1. To make dull explosive sounds.
2. To move or travel while making dull explosive sounds.


chug′ger n.

chug 2

v. chugged, chug·ging, chugs Slang
To swallow (a liquid) in one continuous action: chugged beer; chugged a beer; chugged a can of beer.
To swallow liquid, such as beer, without pausing.
A large swig of liquid: a chug of beer.

[From chug(alug).]


informal a charity worker who approaches people in the street to ask for financial support for the charity, esp regular support by direct debit
[C21: ch(arity) + (m)ugger]
ˈchugging n
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Bigger baits are better "Primarily, for trolling baits, dolphin like big baits, fast baits, chugger baits, a skirted combo.
So it came as no surprise when I was stopped by a chugger while walking down Cardiff's Queen Street.
An example is given of how one chugger confessed her technique to stop people was to "confuse" them by falsely telling them they had dropped something.
Tritan[TM] water bottle offers dual cap functionality - flip-top sipper or, chugger with a finger loop and snap-lock cover for chugger spout protection
Okay, I completely get why people don't like being approached by 'chuggers',' but can I just give the other side of the story - I spent last summer working as a chugger, and this is my view on the matter.
So it was time to end the National Geo moment, go to work and either man a live bait rod in the cockpit or get on the bow ready to cast a chugger.
But research shows that it takes 180 approaches by a chugger to get one signature, one in 10 of these approaches is in breach of the rules, but no chuggers get sacked for this.
HE spent decades fooling the public that he was the perfect charity chugger.
Any contribution you make to such charities will have to be repeated over several months or years before the cost of employing the chugger is met.
For spin anglers, a topwater chugger could produce some real fireworks.