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also chuk·kar  (chŭk′ər)
One of the periods of play, lasting 7 1/2 minutes, in a polo match.

[Hindi cakkar, circle, turn, from Sanskrit cakram; see kwel- in Indo-European roots.]


or chuk•kar

(ˈtʃʌk ər)

one of the periods of play in polo.
[1895–1900; < Hindi chakkar < Skt cakra wheel]
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Noun1.chukker - (polo) one of six divisions into which a polo match is divided
polo - a game similar to field hockey but played on horseback using long-handled mallets and a wooden ball
division, section, part - one of the portions into which something is regarded as divided and which together constitute a whole; "the written part of the exam"; "the finance section of the company"; "the BBC's engineering division"
period of play, playing period, play - (in games or plays or other performances) the time during which play proceeds; "rain stopped play in the 4th inning"
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In the third chukker, they extended the lead to 7-3 before Master Paints bounced back in the last chukker to reduce the lead to 7-6.
Rijas Aces/PAF scored the opening goal in the first chukker to take 1-0 lead while Master Paints/Rizvi's bounced back in the second chukker by thwarting three back-to-back goals to get 3-1 edge.
The second chukker was evenly poised as both the teams scored two goals each, with Diamond Paints having 4-3 lead.
The first chukker was evenly poised as two goals each came from the both the sides to make it
Barry's dominated the first chukker by converting two while Army banged in one to make it 2-1.
Dubai: Ali Al Marri struck a superb golden goal in the fifth chukker to clinch victory for Zayed Higher Organisation Polo Team over Future Centre Polo Team on the Autism Charity Polo day at Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club.
In the dying moments of the first chukker, Losada banged in a field goal to give Rizvi's 2-1 edge once again.
Royal Punjab stepped up in the second chukker and scored three goals which proved to be decisive in the end.
Garcia, later named tournament MVP, fired half of the four Philippine goals in the second chukker for a 5-1 lead that sparked the home teams breakaway.
The opening chukker , was all about Hamza Mauz , a young 19 year old third generation polo player ,who aggressively struck two goals during the first opening minutes of the game.
Access Bank Group supports UNICEF throughout the high-profile Access Bank Charity Shield polo matches in Nigeria that have run for the past five years in conjunction with 5th Chukker.
A HORSE IS A PONY: Usually smaller thoroughbreds or quicker quarter horses, polo ponies typically only play one chukker per match.