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chump 1

1. A gullible person; a dupe.
2. A stupid or foolish person; a dolt.

[Perhaps blend of chunk and lump or stump.]

chump 2

tr. & intr.v. chumped, chump·ing, chumps
To chew or make a chewing movement.

[Variant of champ.]


dialect Yorkshire the act of collecting wood for bonfires on Guy Fawkes Day
[from chump1 (sense 2)]
References in classic literature ?
The sea cows went on schlooping and grazing and chumping in the weed, and Kotick asked them questions in every language that he had picked up in his travels; and the Sea People talk nearly as many languages as human beings.
The voices of early evening had settled down to one soothing hum whose deepest note was the steady chumping of the bullocks above their chopped straw, and whose highest was the tinkle of a Bengali dancing-girl's sitar.
Bonfire night and the weeks and months before it going chumping and going penny for the guy was always the best time of year.