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1. A thick mass or piece: a chunk of ice.
2. Informal A substantial amount: won quite a chunk of money.
3. A strong stocky horse.
v. chunked, chunk·ing, chunks
To form into chunks.
To make a dull clacking sound: listened to the rundown copier chunk along.

[Perhaps variant of chuck.]
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(Psychology) psychol the grouping together of a number of items by the mind, after which they can be remembered as a single item, such as a word or a musical phrase
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Noun1.chunking - (psychology) the configuration of smaller units of information into large coordinated units
configuration, constellation - an arrangement of parts or elements; "the outcome depends on the configuration of influences at the time"
psychological science, psychology - the science of mental life
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In general the data de-duplication is accomplished by splitting the input data into minor fragments and chunking the fragments, using data de-duplication algorithm the redundant data is detected and further duplication process is continued.
More specifically, files are chopped into data blocks, called chunks, using either fixed-sized or variable-sized chunking methods, so that redundant ones can be skipped for storage or network transfer.
"Chunking" is one of those rare words that is a contronym--a word with two opposite meanings.
For two days of chunking, we loaded a large box of squid, 50-plus pounds of frozen sardines, 8 dozen ballyhoo and as much ice as we could fit on the boat.
The eBook, titled Best Practices for Content Chunking to Create Cogent E-learning Courses, is a very useful resource for instructional designers and training managers.
Shallow parsing, is also called text chunking, plays a significant role in natural language processing (NLP) community.
It means that successive fixations constitute a higher order chunking over and above the primary chunking of gaze points.
A benefit of this book is that it has added to the language of prefabrication and offsite manufacturing, quilting and chunking their way to substantive and durable architecture.
Equal size chunks are generated by static chunking (STAT) where all the chunks are of size NIP, self scheduling (SS) where all the chunks are unit size, and fixed size chunking [25] (FSC) which requires the following parameters to be known a priori: [mu], [alpha]--the mean and the standard deviation of the iteration execution times, and h--the overhead of scheduling.