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also hup·pah  (KHo͝op′ə, KHo͞o-pä′)
n. pl. chup·pahs or chup·poth (KHo͞o-pōt′, -pōs′) or chup·pot (KHo͞o-pōt′, -pōs′) also hup·pahs or hup·poth (KHo͞o-pōt′, -pōs′) or hup·pot (KHo͞o-pōt′, -pōs′)
A canopy on four posts held over the couple being married during a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony.

[Hebrew ḥuppâ, covering, canopy, bridal chamber, from ḥāpap, to surround, cover; see ḥpp in Semitic roots.]
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(ˈhʊpə) or


1. (Judaism) the canopy under which a marriage is performed
2. (Judaism) the wedding ceremony as distinct from the celebration
[from Hebrew]
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